London Photography Tours Testimonials

I would 100% recommend.

I bought my first Nikon DSLR about 3 months ago and decided that it was time that I a) took it out of the box and b) learnt how to actually use it. A friend of mine recommended the Official London Photography Tours and having looked at the options available I decided to book the South Bank Photography Workshop. There were three other people on the workshop and we were all at beginner level. Luke was our guide and he completely made the day. He is full of energy, charming and extremely knowledgeable. I was a bit nervous because I did not really even know the basics but Luke explained everything really well and it was easy to follow. I now have a great foundation of photography and a better understanding of how to use my camera. We covered ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed (freeze & blur) and various camera modes. The location of the tour was also amazing as there are loads of cool things to take photos of, I got a great shot of a carousel and also of a seagull flying. I would 100% recommend.

Kat, London
South Bank Photography Workshop


Had a lot of fun

I had such a great time on the West End Photography tour/walk it was amazing fun and have some brilliant photos as well.  The tuition was really good and it was easy to pick up the key points.  I can’t wait to take lots more photos with the new skill that I have.


Alison, London
Westend Photography Walk/Tour


Great day out

Seeing the sights of London on the City Photography Walk/Tour was great fun, the tuition was excellent and it was a nice relaxed environment to take photos in.  Luke’s knowledge on photography was immense and he made it easy to learn.  I also have some great photos and know what to do in the future.


Jack Dickens, UK
The City Photography walk/tour


The Tour Was Great

I never knew night photography was so much fun. I have some amazing photos on Westminster bridge of light trails after doing the Southbank photo workshop.  I now have a great understanding of how to use my camera and what all the different settings mean.  


Kim Kelly, London
Southbank Night Photography Work Shop

I took shots that I thought my camera could not do

I have just done The City Photography Workshop and it was great to finally understand how to use my camera.  The tuition was excellent and easy to understand, I have some amazing photos im really proud of especially a photo of Tower Bridge, which I had printed and is now hanging on my wall. 


Jamie, USA
The City Photography walk/tour