Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I book a tour I can't see a calendar to choose the date that I want to go on, why is this?

A Good question, here at the Official London Photography Tours we like keeping it simple.  We offer 3 tours on Saturday and 3 tours on Sunday every weekend. Pick the tour that you want and then we will contact you to book it in.

Q How late can I leave it to book a tour before the date I would like to go on the tour?

A Here at the Official London Photography Tours we are pretty flexible.  Usually we say book at least 24 hours before the date you would like to go, however, if you want it sooner just make sure you contact us so we can send you the relevant information.

Q Where do we meet for the tours?

A All will be revealed after you have booked a tour with us. It is much easier for us to email you a map of where to meet us and provide you with the information about what to bring on the day.

Q So what camera can I use for the tours?

A Here at the Official London Photography Tours we have two types of tour. The tourist tour focuses on the creative side of photography so any camera is ok as our guidance can be applied to all cameras.  The Photographic workshop is for people with DSLRs and cameras that have a full manual mode. This tours teaches the technical and the creative side of photography.

Q What happens if it rains, do the tours still go ahead?

A In England we are famous for our changeable weather so we will be running tours in all conditions. The great news is that the best photos are taken in these conditions, just make sure you bring your coat and wet weather gear.

Q How do I use my camera in the rain?  Will it break?

A Here is a trick of the trade - when I am out and about in the rain I bring a plastic bag and make a hole in it for my lens to stick out and put an elastic band over then end to keep it in place. I cover the camera body with the rest of the bag and voila a weather resistant camera.